Policy for Photography and Filming

The main purpose of the Non-Catholic Cemetery is to provide a place of burial for those who qualify and to allow continuing respectful commemoration of those who are buried there. Funerals and burials regularly take place and family members and friends visit the graves. We allow others to visit this peaceful and beautiful place but we ask you to respect this atmosphere and not to exploit it in any way.

For various reasons the Cemetery has found it necessary to restrict photography by visitors. These include damage caused to sculptures by those taking photos; behaviour that is not respectful towards the dead; and the online commercial sale of unauthorised images. That is why we allow you to take ONLY photos (not videos) for your personal use. You must not share these on social media or publish them in any way.

You are not allowed to bring into the Cemetery professional camera equipment nor to use tripods or selfie sticks. You may leave any such equipment in safekeeping at the Visitors’ Centre during your visit. Visits planned by photographic clubs, student classes or music and fashion influencers with the aim of photographing in the Cemetery are not allowed. Anyone in breach of these rules will be asked to leave the premises.

Professional film companies, journalists and others wishing to film or to publish images must apply to the Director (, giving full details of the proposal. Permission may be granted only if the proposal respects fully the continuing use and peaceful atmosphere of the Cemetery. The Cemetery reserves the right to take legal action against anyone infringing these regulations.