How to use our INFOPOINT database
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1. Click on ‘Search by name’ and then insert under ‘SURNAME OR FIRST NAME’ one of the names of the person. Inserting only the letters ‘Franc’ will be sufficient to yield all surnames and names containing those letters. This can be useful if you are not sure of the correct spelling and if the Italian form of a forename has been used for a non-Italian. In the list of results, click on the appropriate entry.

2. Alternatively, you can search using the mother’s or father’s names; or by citizenship (use the pulldown list); or by place of birth (use the Italian form of the name, e.g. Londra for London).

3. If this search is unsuccessful, you can search instead by year of birth or death. Go to “SEARCH BY DATE”, choose ‘BIRTH’ or ‘DEATH’ and then enter From Year xxxx January 1 to Year xxxx December 31 and then click on ‘Search’. In the list of results, click on the appropriate entry.

4. Reading a burial record. The record gives you (1) the person’s details as recorded by the Cemetery at death, (2) the tomb number, (3), the location of the tomb by zone (‘V’ = Vecchia), and (4) a photo of the tomb as it was in 2012. Below the photo, the type of monument and inscription is given, together with the name of others buried in the same tomb. The photo is of the ossuary in the case of someone who has been exhumed or who was never buried in a grave.

5. Under ‘Gravestone’ on the burial record, the numbers (e.g. S2240) refer to the monuments recorded in 1984-86 during a survey directed by S.P.Q.Rahtz for the British School at Rome and the Swedish Institute in Rome (the ‘Graves Database’). The survey transcribed the inscriptions on the tombs and noted the form of the tomb. It assigned its own numbers (e.g. S2240) to the monuments as it recorded them. At you can use this database for finding all graves that existed in 1986. You can search by surname of the deceased, by the year of death or by nationality.

6. Consistency in the databases. During 2014 the links between the two databases were improved. For those burials that have been transferred to ossuaries since 1986, the Graves Database often gives details, including the inscriptions, of tombs that no longer survive.

Other Sources of Reference

There are also some printed publications that list people buried in the Cemetery. These are on sale at the Cemetery for the price indicated in euros (postage and packing extra).

Inge-Lise & Steen Neergaard. Vi kom fra Danmark: danske gravsteder på den ikke-katolske kirkegård. [S.l.]: Conradianum, 2010. €10.00

Wanda Gasperovič et al. Testaccio. Il cimitero acattolico degli stranieri a Roma. Elenco alfabetico delle sepolture russe. San Petroburgo: VIDR, 2000 (in Russian).

Revalee and Robert Kim Stevens. The Protestant Cemetery of Rome. Baton Rouge: Oracle Press, 1981 (title on cover: North American records in Italy, the Protestant Cemetery of Rome.) €5.00

Other ‘national’ listings are underway (2010) by various researchers. One of these is a new project to list all North Americans buried in the Cemetery under the auspices of the Colonial Dames of America. Offers of help or information should be sent to Sharri Whiting at

Various nationalities
Wolfgang Kroger et al. Biographies [of those buried in the Parte Antica], in The Protestant Cemetery in Rome: the "Parte Antica", edited by Antonio Menniti Ippolito and Paolo Vian, Roma: Unione Internazionale degli Istituti di Archeologia, Storia e Storia dell'Arte in Roma, 1989, 281-316. €40.00

Gertraude Stahl-Heimann. Der protestantische Friedhof oder der Friedhof der Nichtkatholiken in Rom: "Denen, die auferstehen werden", Heidelberg: Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, 2000. €16.00